Brume de Quintessence

Brume de Quintessence is an innovative way to age the finest spirits, combining our cooper’s savoir-faire with state of the art control systems.

Brume de Quintessence relies on a controlled water supply during toasting, avoiding direct contact with oak. Thanks to the misting effect, the heat slowly penetrates the oak and is finely diffused throughout. This process creates a humid atmosphere that favours deep extraction of tannins and aromas.

Brume de Quintessence :

  • facilitates the deep extraction of specific aromatic compounds that are often harder to extract with a traditional toast
  • creates aromatic profiles that enhance the complexity of spirits
  • helps impart a deep and intense colour, depending on the selected toast

Aurore, Dorée, Ambrée ou Cuivrée

Brume de Quintessence offers new options for aging the finest spirits and creating
unique flavors from fresh floral nuances to complex aromatic characters.


Brume de Quintessence

Wood | Fine grain or coarse grain French oak, 24 months, open-air seasoning

Capacity | from 225L to 600L

Toast | Aurore, Dorée, Ambrée or Cuivrée

Heads | Toasted or untoasted

Wood Thickness | 27 mm

Hoops | 6 or 8 galvanized

Upon Demand | Personal laser brand