• Our Story

    Tonnellerie Quintessence is a creative French cooperage blending savoir-faire and contemporary expertise. Our team is committed to only the very best, the essence of Quintessence. Keeping an eye to the future is important, as is understanding the nuances of each vintage. Barrels are crafted by expert coopers with a commitment to traceability, consistency and customization. While you’re centering attention on the fruit, we are nurturing the perfect oak for your wine.

    What sets a Tonnellerie Quintessence barrel apart from all others?

  • The Finest Oak

    Our Quintessence team takes great care in oak selection, searching renowned forests for straight, tight grain oak. Each log must meet our rigorous specifications before it is milled by expert merrandiers at our company-owned stave mills. By carefully tracing each stave through the milling process, including open-air seasoning over several winters, we nurture the oak for your wine and heighten its aromatic potential.

  • A Quintessential Craft

    Our cooperage is nestled in the heart of Bordeaux’s wine growing region. Vintage to vintage, skilled coopers craft each barrel to its unique specifications. We blend the savoir-faire of these craftsmen, who have apprenticed to learn their art, with advanced technology to ensure precision and consistency from start to finish.