By employing distinct toasting methods, we are able to tailor your barrels to complement a variety of wine styles. Each barrel is toasted by a master cooper using sophisticated heat sensors to monitor the toasting time and temperature, ensuring strict adherence to the defined toasting method. Download our Toasting Guide.


    This classic and elegant Bordeaux toast uses a gradual increase of intense fire for a short period of time.


    This extended toast begins softly, utilizing a fire that builds in intensity over time to create complexity and highlights even the most powerful wines with subtlety and grace.


    A penetrating toast over a moderately high heat for an extended period of time, this expressive toast utilizes a classic Burgundian chapeau towards the end to add subtle smoke aromatics.


    This rich, balanced toast uses a moderate fire which starts high and gradually tapers down.


    This elegant and lush toast is long and gentle, with moderate heat and unvarying temperature until the finale when it peaks.


    This flashy, high impact toast includes a sharp increase in heat at the end to maximize extraction and for a stronger flavor impact.


    This fruit-focused toast uses a mild fire over a short period of time to soften the wood but retain the essence of the oak.


    Our unique toast builds on the minimal tannin impact of the water-immersion method, removing additional tannin while

    creating elegant oak aromatics.


    With freshness as the focus, this low temperature toast continues over an extended period of time to softly toast the oak and preserve fruit vibrancy and freshness.

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